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Research Colloquium

Thursday, from 18:00 c.t., in Geschwister-Scholl-Pl. 1, room M 001

17.10.2022 – 13.02.2023

The Digital Cultural Heritage Research Colloquium organized by Prof. Nicola Lercari covers weekly lectures held by researchers in the field of Digital Cultural Heritage and Archaeology. All interested persons are very welcome to attend these lectures, especially also students. The event will take place every

 Thursday, from 18:00 c.t., in Geschwister-Scholl-Pl. 1, room M 001

Please find the schedule below or in the Flyer (Download)


Schedule Winter Term 2022/23

10.11.2022 Dr. Arianna Campiani (Sapienza University of Rome) A New Interpretation of Archaeological Heritage through 3D Data and Architectural Analysis: The Case of Palenque’s Temple of the Inscriptions
17.11.2022 Dr. Alexander Schütze (LMU) From Herodotus the Judeans of Elephantine. Digital tools connecting realia in ancient texts with material culture
24.11.2022 Prof. Dr. Philipp Stockhammer (LMU) Learning by Gaming: Bronzeon and Epic Palace: Knossos
01.12.2022 Dr. Rodolfo Brancato (University of Naples Federico II) How to access the ancient Mediterranean landscapes? Integrating
legacy data and field survey results for new archaeological research
projects in Southern Italy and Sicily
15.12.2022 Dr. Helmut Groschwitz (Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften) Between performance, tacit knowledge and representation. Medialization and Mediality of Intangible Cultural Heritage
12.01.2023 Prof. Dr. Rachel Opitz (University of Glasgow) Archaeological Remote and Near Surface Sensing and Integrated Sustainable Land Management
19.01.2023 Prof. Dr. Stefano Campana (University of Siena) Mapping Archaeological damage and destruction at Nineveh and Hatra (Iraq): before, during and after the ISIS occupation
26.01.2023 Prof. Dr. Enrique Jimenez (LMU) The Future of the Most Ancient Philology: Assyriology in the Digital Age
02.02.2023 Prof. Dr. Jörg Fassbinder (LMU) Archaeological Geophysics
09.02.2023 Prof. Dr. Nicolò Dell‘ Unto (Lund University) Producing Knowledge Across Multiple Dimensions: the Use of 3D Web Archives for Supporting Data Reuse in Archaeology